The Alps – Completed

Flight paths of the 2021 glacier flying season.

I was hoping to have acquired the next aircraft in the fleet by the time glacier season in the summer of 2021 began; however, the pandemic and other factors got in the way, so the only choice was to give it a whirl with the existing 1949 PA-11. While the airplane can clearly undertake the necessary flights, it is its slow speed and lack of fuel that increases effort tremendously, as many extra hours are added to get to an airport.

I honestly did not expect to complete all of the glaciers in the Alps in 2021 given the circumstances. While the glaciers from the Jungfrau to the Matterhorn to Mont Blanc had already been photographed, the rest of the Alps cover a very large surface area.

Suffice it to say that the task was a success. The airplane behaved without mechanical issues, and ever changing pandemic rules luckily were mere aggravations, instead of putting an end to the escapade.

The next phase consists of putting these photographs out for public consumption, which is a work in progress. Research is underway to develop a website to upload and display imagery, though it is technically complex and will require some time.